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Take GENKI home in a COOL way!!


The stylish, soft cotton bag created to carry your favourite GENKI RAMUNE bottles. On a serious note carry your work(laptop) with a fun(GENKI RAMUNE) bottle of your choice and head to your office or be a digital nomad and carry your work and fun to the beach or the mountains.


The eco-friendly soft cotton bag has handles and inner lining with the stripes of the color of your favourite flavor of GENKI RAMUNE. Sturdy enough to carry 6 GENKI RAMUNE bottles when out for a party or fun or just slide in your laptop and accessories and head to your workplace.


*GR Merchandise items are not for commercial sale. GR Merchandise items will be provided by Nizona to its Master Distributors as a marketing strategy and the distributors, in turn, can distribute in their market via their distribution network of retailers/wholesalers/sub-distributors, etc.