About Us

GENKI RAMUNE came into being when Nizona Corporation, Japan decided to develop a fizzy beverage brand for the Japanese Ramune (Lemonade) drink in several popular and interesting flavors.


Nizona Corporation, Japan delivers flawless, superior quality Japanese healthcare products in OEM format to the world.


Nizona Corporation’s core mantra being healthcare and wellness, Ramune was also given a health twist and thus Health Ramune version was conceptualized with Collagen, Golden Turmeric, Multi-vitamins and Matcha Green Tea flavors. These are great tasting and immunity building beverages. Get healthier even when guzzling a bottle of soda pop!!


Refresh, recharge, reboot with healthy, fizzy and fun Genki Ramune!!

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+81 (78) 200-6147


Sannomiya Venture Bld. 622,
Chuo-ku, Hamabe Dori 4-1-23,
Kobe, Japan (651-0083)