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A big hello to you. Thank you for stopping by. I am Hikari, a fashion model from Japan. If you are into fashion, you may have heard the name ‘Shiny Girl.’ Well, that’s me. I am really glad that you are here on my page. Thank you for finding me. You know, the world of fashion can come across as easy and glittery from the outside. Believe me, it’s not. When you see a fashion model, I want you to see a swan that is graceful and calm on the surface but paddling relentlessly underneath. I hear from countless girls around the world everyday who say that I have inspired them to be fit and healthy. To tell you the truth, it’s they who inspire me to do what I do every waking hour. You see, it’s in giving that we receive. So without them, I am nothing.

Please understand this: Your body is a temple. It’s the only place you have to live for the rest of your life. So you have to take good care of it. I was lucky to have had this value instilled in me at a very young age. My father always told me, “Staying healthy is the best thing you can do for yourself.” I am in my twenties now and he still tells me the same thing. You see, for a father his daughter never grows up.

My father is very passionate about healthy Japanese food. He owns a chain of restaurants in Japan and a few other countries. What started in the kitchen of our tiny studio apartment outside Tokyo has now travelled far and wide. You have no clue how proud of him I am. So I travel with him whenever I can to help with the business. The menu design, the décor, and the aesthetics… that’s all my work. So you see, I am constantly on the move be it for my own work or helping my father out. It can get overwhelming at times. Fortunately, I practice yoga.

Yoga is something I just can’t do without. It gets my batteries charged and helps me push through the day. I workout regularly too. My best friend Genki and I try and hit the gym together whenever we are in the same city. We have tried so many different fitness regimes, healthy/energy drinks, and supplements together. That’s how we found the drink our entire group now loves: Genki Ramune. And seeing my best friend’s name on the bottle everything I take a sip is such an added rush.

You will never find me without a bottle (or two) of Genki Ramune on me. Try it. With its many flavors and nutrients, I bet you won’t get enough of it. Personally for me, I love the Collagen variant before my shows and the Matcha Green Tea variant after yoga. Genki, however, loves the Multivitamin variant and the Golden Turmeric variant more. Well, it’s a free world and Genki is the official endorsee of the drink after all. Anyway, I got to run. Thank you once again for stopping by. Please remember what I said:

Your body is a temple. So please treat it like one.

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