Paint the Ramune Bottle Contest


This is my entry for the @genkiramune contest I just drew the things that came to my mind first i used clay and acrylic paints in the making of this also my name is amin Lefi
Having been always interested in recycling and up-cycling, I decided to give it a try with this contest from @genkiramune.
The contest is about reusing an empty Genki Ramune bottle and turning it into a piece of art.
I had such a great time creating this. My first work. Hopefully there would be more.
If you can find a Genki Ramune bottle around your area, give this contest a try!
GENKI RAMUNE So exited to share my first attempt to paint glass bottle. It was wonderful experience enjoyed alot during makeover of Genki Ramune bottle. I have used acrylic paint colours, glitter tubes and some shiny stones. Used paper also for making famous Japanese fan and koinobori.
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