Genki Ramune Cool Shots


Refresh yourself on sweaty summer days with a bottle of fizzy Melon Genki Ramune while relaxing on a beach.
It is an exotic twist to your same old drink as the melons add sparkle to your monotonous everyday drink.


Injuries are not just painful but they also slow you down in your fitness routine and athletics.


Sun & sand, shine & simmer, and a pineapple in hand. Up your beach quotient, with a fancy GENKI RAMUNE Pineapple Soda to flash in your hands.


Collagen peptide reduces fine line wrinkles, age spots and pore size. Additionally hyper pigmentation, texture, tone and smoothness are all significantly improved, resulting in a more youthful appearance.


Eyes are made up of both fibrous and a more watery gelatinous-type tissue – both which require optimal collagen intake to make them strong.


Himeji Castle (姫路城, Himeji-jō) is a hilltop Japanese castle complex situated in the city of Himeji which is located in the Hyōgo Prefecture of Japan.


Kinkakuji (金閣寺, Golden Pavilion) is a Zen temple in northern Kyoto whose top two floors are completely covered in gold leaf. Formally known as Rokuonji.


Tendons are made of arranged collagen fibrils that connect muscle with bone. Excess exercise or awkward movements in sporting activities often result in injuries to the Achilles tendon, as well as nearby muscles and can impair sporting performance.


Collagen Genki Ramune Soda is the fun way to boost the immunity levels in your body. Collagen also helps to improve the health of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, hair, skin and nails.


The Great Buddha of Kamakura (鎌倉大仏, Kamakura Daibutsu) is a massive bronze statue of Amitābha, located on the temple grounds. Including the base, it measures 13.35 metres (43.8 ft) tall and weighs approximately 93 tonnes (103 tons). According to temple records, the statue dates from around 1252, during the Kamakura period, which it is named after.


Collagen comprises of about one third of total protein of our body.
Several studies have shown that collagen peptide ingestion or supplements containing collagen results in more collagen-producing cells and increases the density of collagen in the skin.


Tōdai-ji (東大寺, Eastern Great Temple) is a Buddhist temple complex that was once one of the powerful Seven Great Temples, located in the city of Nara, Japan.


Hikari – Our brand influencer and health and fitness influencer/blogger endorses the Collagen Lychee Genki Ramune in her blogs as she wants her followers and readers to understand the benefits derived from consuming collagen, launched first time ever in a form of a pop soda.


Kobe is one of those main places in Japan with industrial plants producing rolling stocks like Shinkansen (bullet train), trains, monorail cars etc. for Japan and overseas railways.


Fushimi Inari-taisha (伏見稲荷大社) is the head shrine of the Kami Inari, located in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.


Itsukushima (厳島) is an island in the western part of the Inland Sea of Japan, located in the northwest of Hiroshima Bay. It is popularly known as Miyajima (宮島), which in Japanese means “Shrine Island”. The island is one of Hayashi Gahō’s three most scenic views of Japan specified in 1643. Itsukushima is part of the city of Hatsukaichi in Hiroshima Prefecture.


Marine Day (海の日, Umi no Hi), also known as “Ocean Day” or “Sea Day”, is a Japanese national holiday.


Ramune (ラムネ) was introduced in 1884 in Kobe by the Scottish pharmacist Alexander Cameron. The name Ramune is derived from a Japanese loanword (wasei-eigo) of the English word lemonade.


Arashiyama (嵐山, Storm Mountain) is a district on the western outskirts of Kyoto, Japan. Arashiyama is a nationally designated Historic Site and Place of Scenic Beauty.


Burger stand for Genki Ramune


Kids love the delicious taste, POP! sound and unique bottle of Genki Ramune

collagen immunity drink

Collagen helps in the immunity boosting and also helps improve the health of bones, joints, muscles, hair, skin and nails.

collagen with amino acid ramune

Collagen helps in immunity boosting and in increasing Natural Killers(NK), T8 and T28+ cells along with other holistic benefits.

health genki ramune

Ramune has always been a cool fun drink but GENKI RAMUNE will now give a twist to your fun drink with added health and immunity building advantages!

goli soda

Genki Ramune

goti soda ramune

Genki Ramune

tasty genki ramune

Sisters are for sharing laughter and Ramune.

matcha green tea soda

Matcha green tea is the healthiest form of tea in the world! Reboot your system with this perfect healthy drink!

matcha soda

Matcha as is known is a powerhouse of antioxidants and helps the body and it’s immune system to fight against the invasion and growth of viruses and bacteria in the body.

multivitamin soda

Instead of popping a multivitamin pill, do it with a soda pop the fun way!! Contains Ascorbic acid and a bouquet of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D & E) essential for our body.


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mouthwatering taste of genki ramune

Genki Ramune from Japan. Available in Europe! Health Ramune coming soon too.

genki ramune soda

Genki Ramune is a brand from Kobe, Japan and owned by NIZONA CORPORATION. Genki means healthy, energetic and peppy in Japanese.

turmeric ramune

Guilt-free indulgence. This new Japanese Ramune soda comes with turmeric that protects your liver.

strawberry soda

“No Mommas will have to worry for their kids who drink Genki Ramune Soda. Compared to other fizzy colas, Japanese Genki Ramune has lesser calories and carbs and yet tastes better than the colas.

tasty drink japan

Genki Ramune Japan – Pep Up With J’Pop!

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