Haikus - Express with Genki Ramune

United with blueberry, strawberry ramunes and an amazing blue sky in the greens!

It’s rainy and we’re still outdoor,
White hydrangea flowers we adore,
Fresh air and friends we all look for.

Sun, sand, happiness,
Orange GENKI RAMUNE’s tanginess,
Ideal summer funniness.

ramune japan

A dull and boring day,
Pop a bottle of Ramune,
And be GENKI all the way.


cool and fizzy ramune drink

Spring has gone, summer is here,
Good time to be with friends and family,
Big Cheers to COOL and FIZZY RAMUNE.


Miracles do happen all around,
Take a leap and fly off the ground,
In your heart you will hear the sound.

Blue color of the ocean sea,
Breezy, relaxing, sets you free,
Super chilled, HIKARI wants to be.

Ain’t Japanese always so smart,
‘Haikus’ were a Twitter like art,
Minimum characters, yet detailed like a chart.

Japanese love taste of melon,
Mouth watering, feels like heaven,
Ramune, HIKARI and Helen.

Collagen is a vital protein,
Good for bones, muscles, hair and skin,
Best to have it in your daily routine.

This awesome matcha green tea,
For health and wellness is the key,
Most Japanese will agree.

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