Pep Up your Game with Genki Ramune

The leaves keep falling
But their beauty makes up for
Their glorious deaths

Passion is my love
But sadness is my weakness
I shall overcome.

Bye bye little birdie
You are free, to be unique
Show your true colors.

On an autumn morn
As mist covers the landscape
The pink heather blooms

She lingers, my soft ghost.
Yet, in the in – and out, she leaves me,
Washed away in the ebb.

Standing in moving
Bliss, the river humbly hosts.
Fish come and nibble.

Heartbreak still unsung;
Leaves fall in breaking silence,
Autumn minus one.

Intersection of
Let go and hold on is where
Freedom rises up

Voter guide deep breaths
Manifest change’s path live
Beyond elections.

Binaries destroy,
Shades of possibility
And vital black lives

Rainbow glitter filled
Hope lives inside mask
Perched eyes.
Apocalypse pride.

My breathes are shorter
And my time is limited
How can I say bye?

When I tell you how
To love me, that’s me loving
Me – radically

My minds a jungle
The thought of yous the quicksand
I keep sinking in.

Staying at home,
Oblivious of the world outside
And inside too

I want to write a haiku
but dont know how to
feels like deja vu

A flock of black birds
suddenly soar
And inside of me the rain starts to fall.

Fields are soft, green and
inviting… but grass is sharp
and now I’m bleeding.

Not sad, nor crying.
Views of life and afterlife.
Garden undying.

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