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Hello, I am Genki. As you may have guessed, I am from Japan. (Kobe to be precise.) I am a 22 year old management student at Osaka University. My biggest passion is football and my dream is to play for the prestigious Tokyo Football Club someday. As for my name, Genki, while most dictionaries around the world translate it as “good health,” “spirit,” or “vigor,” there is more to it than meets the eye. But that can wait for another time. What I am really excited to tell you about is that I endorse one of Japan’s leading health drinks by the same name: Genki Ramune.

Coincidence? I don’t think so. According to the ancient wisdom I have grown up with, nothing is a coincidence. We are all part of a cosmic plan and we become magnets for miracles if we stay on our chosen path. So here I am: Genki with Genki Ramune.

I am currently training to make a career out of football. My father is the proudest of all. He says he is living his dream through me. Now I know a lot of young men my age who are yet to find their true calling. I feel so blessed that I found mine. Of course being an official endorsee of Genki Ramune is something I am really proud of too. And so are my childhood friends, particularly Hikari. We are all big Genki Ramune fans. You will always find a couple of bottles in our bags whether we are at the gym or just hanging out. You see, our diet is not just what we eat but everything we consume. We must choose carefully and only consume what is going to serve us well. So with its multivitamins, energy boosters, and hydrating agents, we have chosen Genki Ramune. Give it a try and you will see that the dictionaries are absolutely right.

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